Stay Strong

I care, I always have, and I always will.kik: forgettheworldx

I thought this was so cute, stay strong everyone.
This goes for both guys and girls. I care. And I would notice.
My friend made these!!!!!
I might not even know you, but I love and care about you more than words could ever express, I’m here and I always will be stay strong.
You're amazing. Stay strong!
- my---bloody---wrists

Thank you, you stay strong too!!!!

You're always there for everyone. But if you want to talk about anything, just let me know. I'll be there!
- my---bloody---wrists

Thank you so much that means a lot!

Once a girl talked to me on my old tumblr, i was embarrassed to tell her what really was going on. One day i deleted my tumblr and now i think, would she think i killed myself? All m posts was about that..
- Anonymous

OMG OMG OMG I know how you feel!!! I had the same experience, I had an Instagram and the last thing I posted was that I was On my way to the hospital for something and then I was forced to delete it, I often wonder where a lot of the people I talked to are now

How was your day? What city are you from?
- Anonymous

My day was alright, and well state: I’m from Delaware :P

My mother makes me feel like i'm useless. All about my grades, she makes clear she doesn't want to care about what i'm doing. And i seriously have spend my entire day at school
- Anonymous

I think you won’t be around your mother forever and you gotta remember that it will get better. Nothing stays the same for forever. Don’t give up ok?

Ugh I wanna talk to you but my english suck bc i'm not from your country ahaha
- Anonymous

thats ok! ill do my best to understand!!!! my kik is always open or you can private message me!

Why do I feel more comfortable talking to strangers than to real people? Why can I trust strangers more?
- Anonymous

I know EXACTLY how you feel, I think because you don’t fear judgement as much! If that made sense

Two of my best friends left me, i thought i'd never get over. And i still haven't.. It has been years and i still miss them. But i can tell, it'll get better, not perfectly, but won't be like thatforever
- Anonymous

It WILL get better, don’t ever forget that happiness exists and for everyone! You just have to find it! Sometimes it easier sometimes harder. But don’t give up trying to find it, it will be worth it.

Would be that awful if I just give up?
- Anonymous

Yes, don’t you dare give up! You are stronger then that!

Are you there?
- Anonymous

I’m here!

My life has become run by a scrap of metal.. I don't know what I have to live for any more I don't know what to do. I can feel the cold of death surrounding me every moment... Would it really be that bad if I just gave in? It's not like it will affect anyone.
- jokingfreak

Personally I don’t even know you and it would affect me, people care whether you believe it or not. It affects more people then you think. So don’t you dare give up. As for your life being run by metal, I’ve been there but you have you realize that’s not what life is about and to see the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful sight and you will get there. Once you see it you will never forget and that’s what you have to strive for on your bad days! Don’t give up.