Jacob is amazing. He keeps so many people strong including me, his voice, his smile, his everything.

Photo credits to Sam
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Anonymous asked: I admire your strength! Keep going!

Awh this made my day thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked: You are PERFECT!

Thank you, I bet YOU are perfect as well!

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Anonymous asked: You're so pretty

Thank you(:

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Anonymous asked: There are lots of us out here who love you :)

That means a lot to me! Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: You are beautiful :) stay strong! x

Thank you so much! C:

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'I refuse to sink' 
never give up
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Anonymous asked: You are is strong smart and beautiful and I love you

This just made my night thank you so much ! I needed this

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One day I hope I can accept myself for who I am. Keep a meal down without wanting to tear my skin off and rip out my hair. One day I just want to be happy.
Basically what life did to me.
Basically my life. No matter how hard I try I just end up falling back into my old path. And one day I’ll be too far in. Oh wait I already am.

ilgalantuomo asked: Please please take care. I'm here if you ever need anything

Thank you that means a lot!

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The sad truth about anorexia. Aka ana.
So relatable.